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* Dr Gabor Bunkoczi
* [[ Gabor Bunkoczi  | Dr Gabor Bunkoczi ]]
* Dr Anne Baker
* Dr Anne Baker
* Dr Laurent Storoni
* Dr Laurent Storoni

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Principal Investigator



Converting wiki page into rst for phenix docs
  1. Copy and paste desired wiki source (not raw html) into text file, say Phenix-dev\modules\phenix_html\rst_files\reference\MRwiki.txt.
  2. Copy any images referenced by MRwiki.txt to Phenix-dev\modules\phenix_html\rst_files\images\
  3. Image references in MRwiki.txt need to be amended from Image:mypic.gif to Image:../images/mypic.gif
  4. Install Pandoc on your PC
  5. Change direcotry to Phenix-dev\modules\phenix_html\rst_files\reference and run Pandoc with command line:
    pandoc --columns=150 --toc -f mediawiki MRwiki.txt -t rst -o MRwiki_rst.txt
  6. Run phenix_html.rebuild_docs
  7. Inspect new file Phenix\doc\reference\MRwiki_rst.html
  8. If happy commit files to phenix_html svn server