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The manuals for Phaser are in two sections

The different functions that Phaser can perform (e.g. automated MR, automated SAD). The number of modes increases as major new functionality is added.
Detailed descriptions of the keywords. The keywords change significantly between versions. We attempt to keep backwards compatibility in the use and meaning of keywords between versions but this is not always possible. The ccp4i interface must be compatible with the keywords of the phaser version run. The ccp4-style keyword and phenix-style python input functions are described on the same page (n.b. the manual pages for versions prior to Phaser-2.5 describe these on separate pages).

The manual pages for versions prior to Phaser-2.5 also have information on XML output, which has been deprecated

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Currently Supported Releases



Versions older than Phaser-2.1 are located at the obsolete Phaser website