Phaser-2.4: Manual

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This is the documentation for Phaser–2.4. There are some changes between this version and previous versions so input scripts may need editing.


Phaser can be run using CCP4-style keyword input

((Oldid|805|Keyword Modes}}
The different functions that Phaser can perform and the keywords relevant for each mode
Detailed descriptions of the keywords
((Oldid|737|Keyword Example Scripts}}
Copy and edit to start using Phaser from keyword input


Phaser can be scripted using python.

Python Run-Jobs
How to run Phaser from python and the functions relevant for each Run-Job
Python Functions
Detailed descriptions of the functions
Python Example Scripts
Copy and edit to start using Phaser from python


There is XML output available for developers writing automation scripts.
Please contact us for more information or XML output requests.