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Recent News

  • 14.1.2008: Phaser-2.1.2 released
    Download.png Download from this website and with phenix-1.3b
    Bug.png Patch to fix segmentation fault in non-linux executables

Old News

  • 12.12.2007: CCP4 Automated Downloads
    A Phaser module is now available through the CCP4 automated Downloads page and from the Daresbury ftp server.
  • 12.11.2007: Phaser-2.1.1 released
    File:Features.png New features
  • 1.11.2006: Phaser-1.3.3 released
    Download.png Download with ccp4 6.0.2.
    File:Features.png New features
  • 1.07.2006:Phaser-2.0 released
    Download.png Download with phenix-1.24-beta
    Bug.png Minor Bug fixes from Phaser–1.3
  • 1.02.2006:Phaser-1.3.2 released
    Download.png Download with ccp4 6.0.0.
    Bug.png Minor Bug fixes from Phaser–1.3.1
  • 01.06.2005: Phaser-1.2 expired
    A typo in the expiry date in the source code caused the source to expire. A message explaining what happened and possible ways to work around it has been sent to all registered Phaser users. We apologise for the inconvenience, and we are working hard to get version 1.3 (which will not have an expiry date!) released as soon as possible.
  • 15.12.2004: Congratulations to Richard Bunker, who registered as our 1000th user!
  • 30.06.2004: Documentation updated
    The README files for the installer, CCP4I GUI installation and the CCP4-4.2 extras have been clarified. Thanks for your feedback!
  • 25.06.2004: Phaser-1.2 released
    Download.png Download from here.
    File:Features.png New features
  • 22.12.2003: Phaser-cambridge-alpha-1-1a released
    Phaser-cambridge-alpha-1-1 will stop working on the 1st of January 2004. We have therefore released a new version cambridge-alpha-1.1a that will work for another six months. This version is identical in all other areas to 1.1. We are currently working on a new and improved version (1.2) that will be released soon.
  • 04.11.2003: Documentation online
  • 26.09.2003: Phaser-cambridge-alpha-1-1 released
    Bug.png Bugfix in the anisotropy correction.
  • 06.09.2003: Phaser-cambridge-alpha-1-0 released
  • 03.09.2003: Phaser logo launched
  • 28.07.2003: Phaser helpdesk launched
  • 14.04.2003: Phaser webpage launched