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Code Development

Phaser code is open source. Code development is managed by subversion (SVN)

Pipeline Developers
If you are developing a pipeline using Phaser, please contact us for svn access so that we can work with you to add features and fix bugs.
Note the University of Cambridge's Licences for Phaser
Advanced Users
If you want the latest version of Phaser, then you don't need svn access. You can download recent nightly builds of Phenix, which always contain the latest version of Phaser that has passed regression tests.
If you would like to be kept informed in real-time of changes to the Phaser source code we can give you permission to view the svn repository online (see below).
Source Code Developers
Source code modifications are allowed under the University of Cambridge's Licences for Phaser, provided they are for internal use only. Distribution would require those changes to be incorporated into our svn repository. Please email to phaser-help for further advice if you would like to modify the Phaser source code.


The SVN repository for Phaser is located in Cambridge on the CIMR server

View the Phaser SVN repository online
Viewing the Phaser SVN respository online is password restricted in order to manage IT security. Please email requests for the password to phaser-help.
SSH Access
Requests for permission to access to SVN repository at through ssh should emailed to phaser-help.


The Berkeley mirror at is updated at midnight Berkeley time